BC Road Rules Practice Test

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ICBC Road Rules - 1

Total Questions: 25

Passing Marks: 80%

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 At a four-way stop, who has the right-of-way?

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 A flashing red light means:

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 When you want to go straight through an intersection but the traffic lights are red, what should you do?

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 You cannot park within _____ meters of a fire hydrant.

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When should you not use the Cruise control feature of a vehicle?

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 If two streets intersect and only one street has the stop signs, which traffic has the right-of-way?

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What can you do if your vehicle doesn’t have automatic daytime running lights during the day?

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 What must a driver do before entering a highway?

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It’s illegal to smoke in any motor vehicle when ___

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 It is illegal to make a U-turn

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 When you are making a left on a solid green light, you must:

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 Hoods can fly up if they are not securely latched. If you notice that your hood is not properly latched, you should

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If your vehicle is equipped with airbags, you should position your seat so you’re at least ________ from the steering wheel.

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As you approach an intersection, you notice a pedestrian heading along the sidewalk but near to crosswalk. What choice would you make?

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 It’s illegal to park:

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 At a two-way stop, when two vehicles arrive at the same time and one vehicle is going straight and the other is turning left, who has the right of way?

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 When you are driving in the right lane of a freeway and other drivers are trying to merge from an entrance lane, you should ____

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At an uncontrolled intersection, when two vehicles arrive at the same time, who has the right of way?

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 What to do if you are approaching an intersection and traffic lights are not working properly?

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 On a multi-lane road, passing other vehicles on the right

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When do you need to use the signals?

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When you are approaching an intersection and the traffic lights turn amber from green, what should you do?

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 What are the recommended stopping positions at the intersection?

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  A steady green arrow at the intersection means:

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 If you are approaching an intersection and the traffic lights change from green to amber, you must

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