ICBC Traffic Rules Free Quiz

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ICBC Road Rules - 3

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 You must use headlights if visibility is reduced to less than _____meters.

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 You must use your headlights from ______minutes after sunset until ______ minutes before sunrise.

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 When an emergency vehicle is approaching your vehicle from any direction, what does the law require you to do?

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 When you see a school bus with alternating flashing red lights at the top, what should you do?

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 When a bus in a bus bay begins flashing its left-turn signals, indicating that it is ready to leave the bus bay, and you are approaching in the lane adjacent to the bus bay, you

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 When approaching stopped vehicles displaying flashing lights, you must drive no faster than ___km/h if the speed limit of the road is 80km/hr or more.

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 If you need to make an emergency stop but the road is wet and your vehicle doesn't have ABS, you should

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 If you are driving alone and you receive a call, what should you do?

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 When you are approaching a horse and a rider while driving, the best practice is.

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 You are driving on a multi-lane road/highway and you see an emergency vehicle stopped with its flashing lights on, What should you do when passing it?

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 When driving in rain, how to avoid hydroplaning?

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 If you are very tired while driving, you should ____

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 When you are approaching a railway crossing and the flag person directs you to stop, what should you do?

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 What are the signs of aggressive driving?

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 If a train is coming, you must stop at least _____

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 You must dim your high beam headlights when you are within _____ meters of another vehicle, either when meeting or following a vehicle.

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 It is illegal to drive at night with parking lights or daytime running lights instead of headlights.

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 When you’re following a fire truck, you must stay back at least ____meters.

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 Do not park within ___ meters of the nearest rail of a level railway crossing.

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 When a large vehicle is behind you and you need to make a turn, the safe practice is.

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 If you are feeling impaired after taking a drug or medication, you should

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 What is the recommended emergency braking technique when your vehicle has ABS?

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 When approaching stopped vehicles displaying flashing lights, you must drive no faster than ___km/h if the speed limit of the road is less than 80km/hr.

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 You’re driving along a rural road when suddenly you’re in a low area that is covered in fog. You strain to see ahead, but it is hard to see anything. What should you do? 

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 In order to get your vehicle out of a skid, you should

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